Boomer Search Story

Here is a link to the search story I created. My goals with this search story were to create a humorous and feel good story about an older father trying to connect with his teenage sons. The inspiration for this story came from a Tik Tok that I had watched and which I included part of at the end of the search story. I paid close attention to trying to make it as realistic as possible in a humorous way by using “stereotypes” of older folks. For example, I started the story on Google, but decided to search “” as my first search. I also typed the entire search story very slowly using only my index finger, which is something my dad himself does when he types. I added a sad background track to the beginning of the story to simulate the idea that the father feels like he cannot connect with his kids who keep calling him a “boomer.” However, the video ends in a lighthearted and happy fashion, with the Tik Tok of the dad dancing with his sons and the happy expression on his face throughout the whole situation.

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