Interactive Fiction

IF Version 1.0

IF Version .1

For my interactive fiction assignment I actually got the idea for the story from the show True Detective where there is a fine line between what constitutes a good police officer and a bad police officer and sometimes this is not even distinguishable. I wanted to create a story that was very similar to the show, but with several options of being a good cop or a bad cop. I wanted to whole mood of the story to be a sort of mysterious, but somewhat humorous approach to the game in order to make it fun more for players. I decided to make a funny option of taking up a life of crime, however this was not a true option as a life of crime is not a good path to take in life. Even if they chose to be a police officer they could become a dirty cop, however even this would not be a good choice as it would lead to a road to failure. In reality if you do the right thing it will always work out.