Project Proposal

What is the nature of the concept?

An investigative journalist uses social media and the internet to track down members of a local cult. The more he delves into the situation the more he learns and the darker the search for the truth gets.

Who is the audience for the story?

Because I believe that the story could lead down a darker path and may involve scenarios such as murder and kidnapping etc. this story is intended for a more mature audience. 

What media do you have in mind?

I plan on creating part of the story in twine with some search story videos and some social media links to intertwine with the main line of the story. I also like the idea of the journalist starting a blog regarding his investigation. 

What existing resources will you draw upon to create it (i.e., are there specific texts – video, audio, images, or even stories) that will serve as part of your narrative or a significant reference for its form?

There are not necessarily any existing media that I have found yet, possibly some 911 calls or pictures/videos from existing mysterious cases. I am drawing inspiration from season 1 of True Detective. Although the show approaches the story from the perspective of detectives, I plan on doing it from the idea of a journalist investigating the story. 

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